Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Err...I am back?? lol~

Lazy king is here...
i feel so hot when i am writing this blog...
even my clothe is off i am still hot...
omg what weather is it??
global warming really serious already la... take care la please...
assignment~~ assignment~~ assignment~~ assignment~~

i am lazy... got time to play games but dont have time to do assignment...
can some 1 change my this attitude... please~~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I'm back.....=.="

It's been so long i din write my blog le...
From July 19 till now got 1 month + almost 2 month d...
Cause of lazyness... So i din write... =.="
Lecturere start giving assignment already...
The Annie part i really dunknow how to do...
Friend told me just find 10 idioms,famous saying or proverbs that you want only...
Than other 20 just cincai find can le...
But the "lazy spirit" still surrounded me...
I am still lazy like last semester...
Hope i wont keep like that...
God can you change my attitude???

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Friend Ship Or Friend SHIT??

2 week + din write blog le...
cause all the time are rushing assignments...
i am very tired about my friend...
at secondary school we are best friend...
but now at college...
he is my roommate...
he is damn lazy!!!
everytime laundry i also need to call him...
after calling him then he tell me to wait...
wait wait wait...
then forget about laundry liao...
then wait till tomorrow go school...
he say after back he only go do the laundry thing...
but wait till that time...
all the shirts all 邹邹 le...
i fucking damn hate he this kind of attitude...
everytime call also need to wait...
cannot do it immediately 1...
toilet he also never help clean...
room he also never help clean...
beh guai...
people at home is "KING" lai de...
what also no need do...
if got do also his mom ask him he only do...
damn fucking hate him...
then now come college...
got new friend already...
mi this old friend put where???
rubbish dum???
last time call mi as brother...
now call mi "KAI" brother got la...
bo huat ma...
mi at penang bo transport...
OTHER people got leh...
so i ma JIAK SAI lor...
fuck la...
what is friend ship???
friend SHIT got la!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Which way should i choose..?

Friday again..
should i back hometown?
everyweek i am confusing and worry about this kind of "problem"..
no transport..
need to take bus but lazy..
if go back..
sure cant do homework..
and sure spend a lot of money..
back hometown will make myself more tire..
my babe ask mi to back and accompany she watch Ice Age 3..
few more weeks to go then is sem break already..
still got a lot of final project or assignment haven complete..

i would like to tell u that..
i am very tire now..
i starting to think bad things already..
forgive me..
that i have no mood to sms with you..
forgive me..
that i am not so pasion like that past..
forgive me babe..

Forgive me..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I h@v3 Got n0 t!mE to fxcK!

I h@v3 Got n0 t!mE to fxcK!!!
last 3 or 4 weeks left..
a lot of assignment and homework still hvn do..
wahyang ah wahyang!
u stil want rush at the last minute meh..
got time dunwan do homework..
go play computer games..
9 lat la u wahyang..
next week..
1 whole week dun touch computer..
only do homework..
if not!!
if not a..
if not then i dun eat meat for 1 week..=P

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back Hometown lor~

i post this blog during the LEH IT102 class..
but after this class still need to go to the studio..
to complete my "Still Life"..
after that then i can back hometown..
meet my mummy and daddy and ? DARLING..
Go watch transformer lor..
so excited..=P

Monday, June 22, 2009

I want back hometown!!

no matter what..
this friday..
i want back hometown..
i miss my home bed..
i miss my family..
i miss my dear..
i want back..
please allow me..
dun so many assignment and homework..
hope the semester break come faster..
i want rest..

Friday, June 19, 2009

Starting my power point le..

friday.. but din back hometown..
need to stay and go for the azrina test..
no need say sure fail liao de..
still got a lot of assignment waiting for me to do..
wait die..
life suck!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wait Die~

Ho seh liao lor..
fxxking many homework + assignment + final project..
cant the lecturers 体会 us??
we not just have their own class only..
we still have other class de..
++ mai mai..
i think i still got 8++ homework,assignment and final project haven start do..
this saturday stil got that cb azxxna test..
i dun want to fail again..
i have already fail 1 time
then second time i luckly pass only..
and the test make me cant back hometown T_T..
me want siao liao la..
sorry for saying bad words la..
thats the only way to release my stress and bo syok!!
other course mate also same la..
not just me..
all +U+U ba..
or else..
wait die lo..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friend Ship Forever

back home town le..
jio fren come out yam cha..
we go mc.donald..
at midnight bout 12am+
we all having a great time..
becuz soo yong tian are there too(the guy bside yang horng with ^^V <<>
friendship 4eva..